 Listing Development
We develop high-performing optimized listings on popular short-term rental platforms
like Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com etc.
 Listing Management
We update your calendars frequently and professionally manage communications with
guests in a timely and effective manner.
 Price Optimization
We update the rental price of your home based on local market trends to position your
listing for increased earnings.
 Guest Screening
We screen potential guests for quality and fit based on your criteria to ensure your
home is properly taken care of and secure.
 ID Verification
We ensure all guests have verified their government issued ID either on the booking
platform or via our online verification system.
 Advanced Multi-Channel Distribution
Our deep experience with each marketing platform enables us to use advanced settings
to maximize your property's exposure.
 Personalized Updates
We provide you with clear and transparent personalized updates so that you have
complete oversight of the rental process.

Extra services (15% ??)
 Check-In / Check-Out
Our guest experience representatives will handle all aspects of the check-in / check-out
process including key exchanges.
 Professional Cleaning
Our network of professional cleaning staff will promptly clean and prepare your home
before new guests arrive.
 Maintenance Support
We coordinate with home repair professionals to perform maintenance when issues
 Yourgreece Experience Management
We ensure you receive top reviews by providing guests with around the clock support
and local event / activity recommendations.
 Guest Lockout Support
Our guest experience representatives are on-call 24/7 to deliver a spare key if a guest
lockout occurs.
 Restock
We handle restocking your home with the essentials that guests expect such as
shampoo, hand soap and paper towel.
 Payment Processing
We collect payment online directly from guests who book reservations on platforms
that don’t handle the payment processing.
 Interior Design
Our interior design partners will work with you to ensure your property has a unique
look and feel that stands out from your competitors.
 Social Media Marketing
Our understanding of social media allows us to build you an online brand that speaks to
your customers.
 Website Management
We will manage the development, launch, and search engine optimization of your

Peace of Mind

Your property is fully managed by our expert staff. Sit back and relax knowing your property

is well taken care of.


yourgreece is a national property management and hospitality company that
specializes in maximizing real estate income. Whether you are a homeowner
with one unit, a building owner with multiple units or a developer, we have
services available for everyone. We are currently living through a global shift in
the hospitality sector towards unique homestyle accommodations that allow
travelers to live as the locals do. The decentralization of the accommodations
industry is allowing us all to earn above-average income by renting to travelers
looking for short-term accommodations. Building your brand on major booking
platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia pay immense dividends not only
immediately, but over the long-term as well. We optimize every aspect of the
rental process while perfecting the management of your property. Reach out to
us today to learn why you should become a member of yourgreece.gr